What to Look for When Choosing a Realtor to Buy or Sell a Home

August 20, 2022
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If you’ve decided to buy or sell a home in Boise, Eagle, Meridian, or any of Idaho’s Treasure Valley markets, selecting the right realtor is a critical step toward a successful transaction. When you're buying a home, a skilled real estate agent will assist you in making a winning offer and negotiating the best purchase deal. If you’re selling a home, they will efficiently manage the intricacies of the sale process and help you obtain the highest possible net proceeds for your property.

Thankfully, if you are buying or selling in the Boise real estate area, you don’t have to look far for an exceptional agent you can trust. Troy Owens and Mogie Holm of Group One Sotheby’s International Realty have the knowledge and expertise to make your real estate journey a breeze.

Of course, a successful realtor should possess several key traits and skills. Read on for what makes this team so fantastic.

For home buyers

Patience, persistence, and a strong work ethic

Of course, you will do your own extensive online searches to find appealing listings. But because demand for Treasure Valley homes is strong, the buyer’s agent you choose should be a professional with a strong work ethic who puts maximum effort into finding homes that check all the boxes. They must network effectively with other local realtors and speak with seller’s agents throughout the neighborhoods where you would like to make your purchase.

Patience and persistence are also essential qualities because it may take a long time to find a home that’s right for you and make a successful offer.

Adeptness at crafting purchase offers

You should hire a real estate agent with analytical expertise and extensive experience in drawing up purchase offers.

Your realtor will do a comparative market analysis to figure out what your offering price should be. This analysis focuses on multiple listing service data about recently sold homes that are similar to the home you want to buy. If the comparative market analysis indicates the property’s fair market value is lower than the list price, you might decide to set the offering price between those two numbers.

Given the strong demand for Treasure Valley homes, your realtor might include seller-friendly details in the purchase offer, such as stipulating that you, the buyer, will pay the closing costs in full. Also, they might include an escalation clause, which expresses your willingness to increase your offering price by a set amount, up to a specific limit, if the seller receives higher offers for the property. 

Meticulous organizational skills

You should hire a focused, highly organized realtor because closing on a home is a multi-step process. They must stay organized and communicate well with other professionals, including the home inspector, mortgage lender, and appraiser.

Well-honed negotiating abilities

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The realtor should be an expert negotiator. Your buyer’s agent can improve their chances of nailing down a favorable deal for their clients by adhering to these precepts:

  • Being nice instead of adversarial during negotiations

  • The realtor should approach negotiations as an opportunity to resolve differences with the seller’s reps instead of a war to be won.

  • The realtor should find out as much as possible about the property owner’s needs so they can offer deal sweeteners, such as a free seller rent-back if the seller needs extra time to move or a fast closing if that’s what the seller desires.

For home sellers

Deep knowledge about how to use property data

A skilled realtor knows how to deploy property data to determine an appropriate list price for your home. Getting this right is important.

A list price that’s too low could result in a sale that leaves thousands of dollars on the table. An overly ambitious list price could deter house hunters from making offers and leave your home lingering on the market. It could eventually become stale inventory, and you’ll have to lower its list price.

Your realtor will set the list price by doing a comparative market analysis, which they can fine-tune with dynamic home valuation tools.

Superb digital marketing skills

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You need a realtor whose business acumen includes excellent digital marketing skills. They must adroitly draw attention to your property by creating a high-impact MLS listing, prominently showcasing your home on their user-friendly website, and using social media and other promotional tools.

Fabulous professional photos are essential to your listing agent’s digital marketing efforts. Luxury home buyers have a discerning eye. If your pictures are amateurish, they’ll reject your listing. Experts say 84% of home buyers won’t consider purchasing a property whose listing lacks photos.

Gorgeous property videos are also powerful marketing tools — and they’re even more dramatic if they’re shot with a drone.

Hiring a realtor with digital marketing abilities is important because Americans invariably do their home searches online. A National Association of Realtors Research Group report says 97% of all home buyers used the internet when they house hunted.

Attentiveness to detail

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To prepare your home for photos, videos, and showings, your realtor will help you determine whether you should undertake cosmetic improvements, such as repainting, or more substantial fixes, such as replacing flooring or countertops. Your listing agent should also assess what work needs to be done to improve your property’s curb appeal, from fixing a cracked walkway paver to upgrading your landscaping.

Your realtor can help you find a home stager to declutter your house before the photographer, videographer, and potential buyers arrive.

The realtor you hire needs to be attentive to detail during these home-prep efforts, which could bring you a higher sale price. For example, in a National Association of Realtors survey, 22% of the seller’s agents who responded said staging increased the dollar value of the home's purchase offers by 1% to 5%. An additional 17% of the seller’s agents said that thanks to staging, the dollar value of the purchase offers increased by 6% to 10%.

The ability to use marketing technology wisely

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You should choose a real estate agent who is adept at using marketing technology tools. These web analytics and reporting platforms enable them to determine which cities have the highest number of people viewing your home’s listing. Armed with that knowledge, the realtor can buy advertising in those cities to further stoke prospective purchasers’ interest.

Connections to realtors in feeder markets

Your listing will get a marketing boost if you hire a realtor who is part of a deeply connected global network with a significant number of luxury real estate agents in the West Coast feeder markets from which buyers of Treasure Valley homes are coming.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, find a realtor with these traits:

Expertise about the local area

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Luxury property markets in the Treasure Valley are replete with nuances. If you’re buying a home, you should choose a realtor with long-time local expertise who can navigate those nuances more easily than a newcomer. If you’re selling a home, hiring a real estate agent who uses their deep knowledge about the local area to fuel their marketing campaigns is a wise move.


The real estate agent you hire should be a trusted advisor. That trust will be based partly on their ability to communicate candidly with you. Your realtor best serves your interests if you can count on them to tell you what you need to know — instead of what they think you want to hear — and not to sugar-coat problems that arise during your transaction process.

A personality that’s compatible with yours

Home buying and selling are stressful, no matter how successful the outcomes. You need to hire a realtor with whom you can build an excellent professional relationship. A real estate agent who is unfocused and inattentive during your interview or who does not seem compatible is not your best choice, even if they come highly recommended.

Are you ready to choose your realtor?

When you’re ready to buy or sell your Treasure Valley home, reach out to realtors Mogie Holm and Troy Owens. Reliability, honesty, and a results-focused mindset drive this team to succeed. Let them be your guide to all aspects of the Treasure Valley real estate, whether you’re looking at homes for sale in Boise or selling Eagle property. No matter your real estate goals, this team will make sure that you achieve them.

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